Ares Martial Arts Academy

Welcome to Ares Martial Arts Academy. Our main goal is to improve self protection and fitness through martial arts. This form of Hapkido is not the same as many others out there. All techniques have been tested with resistance and proven to work in real life incidents. Techniques are not taught from grabbing a wrist or body. You are what is important and when you join it is about improving your fitness and martial arts skills. This self defense system is popular because it focuses on each individuals capabilities and movements and covers all ranges of combat. Ares Martial Arts Academy provides a clean, safe environment to train. The instructors are respectful.  The classes are located inside the Fort Walton Beach Recreation center, 132 Jet Drive NW Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  Sign up today!!! 

This form of Hapkido uses the principles of Hapkido, Jeet Kune Do, and Jujutsu. This well rounded system includes both standing and ground grappling techniques. Weapon defense and weapon disarms are part of the system as well. 

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Ares Martial Arts Academy

             We Offer:

         * Qualified experienced instructors

         * A safe, clean atmosphere to train

         * No contract

         * No hidden fees. 

         *High ethical and moral standards.

​        * classes available all year

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