I have eight years experience in Corrections and eight years experience as a Deputy Sheriff. I have worked in Seminole County, Florida, Okaloosa County, Florida, and Santa Rosa County, Florida. I started martial arts at twelve years old so I have Thirty years experience in Martial arts including Karate, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Jiu-jitsu, and  Police defensive tactics. I have a 3rd degreee black belt in Combat Hapkido and a 3rd degree black belt in traditional Hapkido. While studying Combat Hapkido I became a certified International Police Defensive Tactics Instructor.   I continue my training in Hapkido under the American Hapkido Federation. I did not put my curriculum together by copying a system, I decided to test techniques by actually using them at full speed and with resistance. I studied for years and hundreds of hours. I have trained with Krav Maga instructors, Jiu-jitsu instructors, and other martial artist.  I did not focus on points or sport.  I have trained privately and in small groups from 2010 to present. 

I looked around and noticed right away that Defuniak Springs was missing a martial arts school. I have always enjoyed serving the community and hope that I can help both children and adults learn to protect themselves

Lucas Jordan

16 years Law enforcement

3rd Degree Black Belt Traditional Hapkido

​Mixed Martial Arts

30 years of martial arts experience