Hapkido uses circular motion and footwork to overcome an attacker. With roots in Aiki-JuJitsu, Hapkido uses strikes with joint locks, throws, and grappling making it one of the original Mixed Martial Arts. Because strength and brute force is not needed this can be learned by almost anyone.  I am a certified instructor and  offer a belted system through the American Hapkido Federation. No previous martial arts experience is required.  

What makes me  different?
I practice a style of Hapkido that I have modified tremendously. While the core joint locks and throws of Hapkido are devastatingly effective, traditional teaching of the art has an over-reliance on wrist grab techniques that are unrealistic. Unfortunately, if you search for hapkido on Youtube or the internet you will find a lot of unrealistic choreographed moves, sloppy techniques, and high fancy kicks. I wanted to teach a practical, effective system that  could be used on the street.   

​So, what do I teach?
I teach a practical, street effective form of Hapkido that is always adapting and evolving. Hapkido emphasizes circular motion, redirection of force, and control of the opponent. I have blended a curriculum of Hapkido, Krav Maga, and ground survival techniques. I continue to train in Hapkido. All techniques have been tested with resistance. Some of the things I teach are:

  • Striking
  • Take downs and throws
  • Kicking (below the waist)
  • Joint locks 
  • Defense against unarmed attacks (standing and ground)
  • Defense against armed attacks (standing and ground)
  • And much more...